dana Our studio is continuously expanding, creating more exciting and fun opportunities for personal artistic development and expression.

Teaching Philosophy

Each and every student that walks through my studio door is an individual; therefore, I treat my private instruction to each student as such. Because I have discovered that not all students latch onto one particular method, I tailor my instruction to the individual in order to give them the tools necessary to achieve the highest level of success.

All of my students will be able to comprehend note-reading and rhythm. Theory and aural training will be intertwined within the lesson as well as regular practice at solo and duo sight-reading. Everyone is expected to maintain at least one working piece, one etude, and multiple scales in their weekly practice regiment. Although some weeks may require more attention to one of these three, I still expect consistent up-keep to all 3 even though I may not always hear everything at each lesson.

Listening to the music you are working on is extraordinarily beneficial when learning a piece. You can internalize the piece as a whole, and gain an amazing amount of insight when approaching it from a listener’s perspective. I highly encourage my students to attend as many live performances as possible. Luckily, with the modern conveniences of the Internet and YouTube, practically any piece can be found!

My goal as your teacher is to provide you with all of the tools needed for understanding musical concepts, paired with formal technique to go out into the world as a confident musician at any playing level. Making music is an experimental process that is ever-changing, so never hesitate to think outside of the box and explore the possibilities of your instrument. Try new ideas and take a chance, and you’ll be surprised at the discoveries that you can make!

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